martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

Final Proyect! FINALLY!

Hello everyone, there's my final proyect. I did it with my friend Andres Pacheco, I hope you like it.


Hope you enjoyed it.

Reflection: I've learned many things this trimester in English class. the first thing that I learned is about physical description, now i can describe people!. I learned to express feelings and emotions, I can tell you if I'm happy or if I'm smiling. I also learned about countables and uncountables, that's really useful because you can tell something about food or drinks correctly! awesome right?. Then we have directions, that a bit hard, I always get a bit confused. Vacations... I want some vacations now... I learned about the weather, when it's cloudy or windy, or like in Maracaibo... sunny and hot..almost always. And finally to tell things about me.. like my favorite things.. what do I like to do and those things.

martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Hello, world! Welcome to...

Hello everyone, this is my new blog! I'm posting my English level 3 homework, I hope to do it all...

Who am I?

Hey! My name’s Gustavo Saavedra. I’m from Maracaibo I also live there. I’m 18 years old and I'm studying informatic engineering at URBE .I'm a quiet person. I don't have any favorite subject, but there are many subjects that I dont like.
I like listening to music, hang out with friends and playing MMORPGs. I also enjoy watching TV series, a lot!

I don't like... there are to many things that I don't like. I don't like telling you that.

My dream is to get graduated from Engineering School and find a good job, so I can start doing what I like. I also want to travel to Hong Kong, I have family there. I’d like to work in a video games company like: Blizzard, Ubisoft, EA Games and many others.

There you go with a video about my favorite TV serie. Hope you enjoy it!.

well, that's a little bit about me.I know you want to.. so leave a coment :).

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